Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to the Thermomix SG Blog

Hi! You might be a proud new owner of a Thermomix right here in Singapore, or you are thinking of getting one. Or perhaps you have never heard of a Thermomix before.

In any case, you are at the right spot!

We have set up this blog to help you get started in being creative with your own Thermomix. We have developed, tested and formulated many recipes for use in the Thermomix and wish to share these recipes with you.

Feel free to leave comments on how you liked the recipes, or how you added your own touch to them. You may also email us to request conversions of your favourite recipes.

Keep checking for new updates as we continue to use our Thermomix and provide you with more useful tips and tested recipes!

Any queries or registration for free demonstrations can be forwarded to

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