Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Q:Isn't the Thermomix just a ridiculously overpriced food blender?

The Thermomix does more than just blend food, although it does a reliably wonderful job at that!

It cooks, chops, emulsifies, mashes, crushes, kneads, grinds, simmers, grates, whips, steams and weighs!

Q: But I already can do all the above!

Well yes. What the Thermomix offers is reliable convenience. The Thermomix can replace all the other 10 appliances - think weighing scales, bread machine, soya milk machine, food processor, juicer, steamer, coffee grinder, rice cooker.......

Treat it like a handy assistant or your main cooking kitchen!

Q: What's so good about cooking in the Thermomix?

A: The temperature of the Thermomix remains constant, so it's great for sauces and low temperature cooking. Also, it cooks below the smoking point of oil so the oil does not burn or turn rancid during cooking.

The sharp cutting action of the blades creates better surface area for cooking of ingredients, and creates less bruising. This means fresher looking vegetables, extracting the full flavour of garlic, little loss of vitamins from stir-frying!

There's also the steaming tray (Veroma) - healthy and easy.

By being able to cut down the time in food preparation, and being able to prepare ingredients easily, it gives you the freedom to do other things as well.

And how about dishes that would be tedious otherwise?

Risotto will not require painful constant stirring,
Yam paste (teochew dessert) will take half an hour and not 2 hours of double boiling;
Kaya be smooth and not curdled, not taking 3 hours over the stove
Chocolate will be melted at a constant temperature
Hollandaise sauce will not split as easily.....etc..!

The theromix will even peel and chop your garlic for you!

Q: Won't the machine get spoilt quickly if it's doing so much?

A: The blades are made of solingen steel (the best hairdressing scissors are made of these) and sharpens itself when you crush ice with it. - any reason for ice kachang or a cocktail is good enough for me!

The bowl is made of surgical grade stainless steel - it doesn't retain odours and does not discolour. You can cook curry in it, and make some chocolate cake afterwards!

The steamer (veroma) and other attachments are of qualified food-grade quality.

The Thermomix has been made since 1980 and this is currently the 4th and newest model. Not only is Verwork a reputable company from Germany, it has a strong worldwide presence.

Q: How about an example menu?
A: I thought you would never ask!

I would like you to imagine a day with the Thermomix...

You made some bread dough last night with the Thermomix and you've just popped the loaf into the oven before jumping into the shower.

You come out of the shower refreshed and feel like having cold orange juice. You peel the orange and throw the whole thing in with the seeds and some ice. The seeds are going to be so fine you wouldn't notice them anyway! Orange smoothie, check.

The bread is done, and so you sit down and butter it with home-made butter and jam (from the Thermomix, of course) while you sip your orange juice and watch the morning news.

You pack lunch for your children - home-made chicken nuggets (the thermomix minced all the chicken up for you, AND the breadcrumbs) with home-made mayonnaise and home-made coleslaw. You're starting to really like this machine...

You pack lunch for the husband - home-made garlic chicken rice, his favourite. You steamed the whole chicken on top, rice in the middle and soup around the side. This was cooking last night while you were watching a movie with your family.

Afternoon: Your friends are coming for afternoon tea - you've whipped up a cheesecake (with the Thermomix handy). And then you remember! OH NO!, it's Sharon's birthday and she loves chocolate cake! Hmm, not much time to run out for one, so you decide to make one in the free hour before they arrive.

It takes you 10 minutes to throw all the ingredients into the Thermomix to process. You pour in the mixture and plomp it into the oven for 45 minutes.

Decision - should you decorate the cake with thick creamy chocolate ganache or go for understated cocoa powder/icing sugar dusting over a stencil?

You flip a coin and go for the cocoa powder/icing sugar mix - you throw some chocolate and sugar into the bowl and whizz it till it's so fine you almost sneeze.

The ladies arrive and everybodys' in love with the divine sweets. Sharon loved her chocolate birthday cake, and you pat yourself on the back.

You then send everybody off with the a jar of apple jam you made the day before (with the Thermomix) because your neighbour gave you two boxes from his shop.

You decide there's a bit of time after the ladies leave for a mini-pick-me-up, so you whip up your favourite cucumber paste facial mask recipe (in the thermomix) and enjoy your private space.

Evening: It's time for dinner, and you've made the children's favourite - hand-made spaghetti (Thermomix!) and Bolagnaise sauce (Thermomix again!).

Your husband loves his parmesan cheese, so you grind more up (Thermomix) just for him.

You're feeling a bit heavy after such a big afternoon-tea party, so you made porridge just for yourself (Thermomix!) and some steamed fish (Thermomix again!) on the side.

It's about time to sleep, but you use the Thermomix to create some 'play clay dough' for your children to bring for their art class tomorrow.

One day over, you're so happy you have the Thermomix - and to think you thought it was just yet another thing you would keep the cupboard and never use....

Imagining only brings you so far - come watch a demonstration for yourself and decide if it can help give you some convenience in making quick and easy healthy meals and more!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Welcome to the Thermomix SG Blog

Hi! You might be a proud new owner of a Thermomix right here in Singapore, or you are thinking of getting one. Or perhaps you have never heard of a Thermomix before.

In any case, you are at the right spot!

We have set up this blog to help you get started in being creative with your own Thermomix. We have developed, tested and formulated many recipes for use in the Thermomix and wish to share these recipes with you.

Feel free to leave comments on how you liked the recipes, or how you added your own touch to them. You may also email us to request conversions of your favourite recipes.

Keep checking for new updates as we continue to use our Thermomix and provide you with more useful tips and tested recipes!

Any queries or registration for free demonstrations can be forwarded to